Why I'm seeking Co-op Members' support for deputy leadership

February 20, 2018 at 1:53 PM

Why I am seeking the support of the Co-operative Party, by Julie Morgan

I am seeking the support of Co-operative Party members across Wales and a supportive nomination from the Co-operative Party to become Welsh Labour's first Deputy Leader.

I respect and support the aims of the wider Co-operative Movement.

I know that the Co-operative Party's membership is growing with more new members joining, and it has celebrated its 100th year since it was formed in 1917. Because of its history and the progressive policies it pursues, I look forward to campaigning with Co-operative members in the future.

I have been a proud member of my local credit union for many years. I have always supported FairTrade and locally sourced food and know that the Co-operative Party has campaigned on both for many years, helping to make Wales the first FairTrade nation in the world, in 2008.

Let's work together to support the co-operative economy

There is more our parties can achieve by continuing to work together and in supporting the co-operative economy.

  • The co-operative sector employs thousands of people across Wales with real potential for further growth, supported by the Welsh Government. John McDonnell, Labour's Shadow Chancellor, has pledged a Community Wealth Unit to support co-operatives and I believe this is the way forward, especially as an alternative to the privatised utilities.
  • I also believe there is a huge opportunity to continue developing local community energy co-operatives, having seen at first hand the difference this is making in other countries, such as Germany.

We need to deliver a fairer, more equal society – and a kinder politics

Just as important is the social change that can be achieved by working and campaigning together, in every part of Wales, and with Co-operative Councillors, MPs and AMs, by putting co-operative values and principles into practice to deliver a fairer and more equal society.

  • Whether through fighting for greater equality and women's rights, a real Living Wage or tackling payday lenders, the Co-operative Party has shown it can make a real difference.
  • I believe that we must fight for a better, kinder politics where common goals are achieved by working together.
  • And at a time when Wales' future relationship with the rest of Europe remains so uncertain – with the prospect of a damaging and poorly managed Brexit – the proud internationalist tradition and outward looking values of the global co-operative movement can be a model for us all.