One week left to vote for your new Welsh Labour deputy leader... message from Julie

April 10, 2018 at 3:35 PM

Dear Member

I'm asking for you to support me as the first ever deputy leader of Welsh Labour.

Time is running out for members who – like me – want to see our party democratised, devolution strengthened and to see Welsh Labour boldly take its message to the people of Wales.

The ballot closes at midday on April 18. Your ballot will have been sent by email – YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PAPER BALLOT so please check your inbox.


I've been humbled and encouraged by the tremendous enthusiasm and support for my campaign from members, trade unionists, members of socialist societies and constituency parties. Of the Constituency Labour Parties who endorsed a candidate the majority backed me. This is hugely encouraging but it will count for nothing if YOU do not vote.

Make no mistake this is a tight election. The rules ensure it is so. That's why every single vote will make a difference.

If you vote for me, I will:

  • Put members front and centre of the party by introducing One Member, One Vote (OMOV) – we currently have the old electoral college system in Welsh Labour, although we have OMOV to elect our UK leader;
  • Continue to strengthen devolution, producing distinctive 'made in Wales' policies and challenging lazy Tory UK Government attacks on Wales;
  • Be part of a leadership team ready to take on the Tories and the right-wing press attacks on our party which are once again emerging.

I believe I have the experience and personal qualities to take the party forward in Wales, with decades of experience in Welsh politics as an effective councillor, MP and now Assembly Member. I have a rock-solid campaigning track record, an ability to listen and an instinct to trust in members who are the lifeblood of our party.

I hope you will give me your vote.